“I was interested in creating and translating imagery as hostile, controlled and chaotic as the sun into something beautiful, unique and unrecognizable.”

With 21st century satellites and technologies available to scientists today one is able to peer with incredible precision the surface of the sun and its activities. The inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2011 REDLEY EXANTUS. collection was taken from the chromospheres and photosphere (top layers) of the Sun. Its storyline derived from the filamentary nature of the plasma layer made of neon, the highly structural and elegant coronal loops of the sun that are taken by NASA's SOHO satellite and the Trace satellite program.
The “Sun elements” are found throughout the collection in hand crafted stitching and ingenious draping played against constructed pieces, and in particular the exclusive prints of two reworked images that were digitally printed on silk satin and silk jersey. Both bold and audacious, the prints are an image of the golden fire plasma layer of the sun’s molten surface and a second representing a vivid image of the plasma layer seen through an infrared filter with splashes of gas fire blue, rose acidulé and coral.